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Blankets on show in September 2015

Blanket Aug 15 There were only a few blankets on show on the first Monday of September.

August was the month when all the items of the year where being shipped to Eastern Europe.
The Rodney Operation Cover Up group sent 3322 items this year.
Maybe people were knitting up a storm to get the blankets into the shipment and they are taking a little break.

Find out how you can contribute.

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Knitted Dolls and Blankets May 2015

Knitted dolls May 15Dolls and Blankets May 2015

Another monthly meeting brought together the volunteers who donated their time and skills (and wool in some cases) to the worthy cause of keeping orphans and other people in need  warm in Eastern Europe.
The volunteers also have the options to use donated wool which can be picked up at these monthly events.

Find out ways to contribute to this worthy cause by clicking here.

The Rodney group of Operation Cover Up has been co-ordinated by the remarkable Anne Bishop who celebrated her 80th Birthday this year. (see photo below)

Blankets on Show in December 2014

December Blankets 2014

Knitted Blanket with Lots of Squares with pattensMany knitters joined the monthly meeting for the Rodney Operation Coverup (OCU) in December.

We had a shared lunch and got to sample lots of delicious food.