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Blankets on show in September 2015

Blanket Aug 15 There were only a few blankets on show on the first Monday of September.

August was the month when all the items of the year where being shipped to Eastern Europe.
The Rodney Operation Cover Up group sent 3322 items this year.
Maybe people were knitting up a storm to get the blankets into the shipment and they are taking a little break.

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Blankets in August 2015

People who knit for the Operation Cover Up met again On the first Monday of August at Anne’s house. These meetings are an opportunity to:

  • Meet people
  • Drop off finished blankets etc.
  • Pick up donated wool to knit or crochet more
  • See the latest blankets
  • Have a cuppa and a biscuit

This time a reporter for the Rodney Times came for an interview.

Below is a picture of the article in the paper.

August is the month when all the blankets and other items to keep orphans and other people warm in Eastern Europe will be sent.

Since August 2014 3322 items, which were made by the Rodney Operation Cover Up group, are going to be shipped via a container. Last year the number was 2221 items.

It costs $4 for a blanket to be sent to Europe.

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Donated Blankets July

Blankets on Display in July 2015

Blanket made Waiheke Island ladies
Another friendly get-together of crafty people who donate their time to create items, like blankets, for Operation Coverup took place on the first Monday in July 2015.

You can see the photos of the ‘Show and Tell‘ displaying the blankets below.

The  Rodney Operation Coverup (OCU) group of knitters and other craft people have donated over 2300 item so far since last August.

The Rodney OCU group even has ladies from Waiheke Island contributing their time and skill. The blankets  at the start of this post (and the last 3 below) are made by them.

The next shipment to Europe, which will deliver these items to keep  orphans and other people in need warm, will leave in August.

You can help with the shipment costs by purchasing the jams and pickles Anne Bishop makes at Flowers by Joanne, in Orewa in Riverside road.

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Show and Tell of Blankets in June

Blankets shown in June 2015

Blanket  003 June 2015On the first Monday in June 2015 another lot of blankets, which will be donated to people in need – especially orphans – in Eastern Europe, were on display.

Each one of these blankets is made up of donated wool and lots of stitches. People in Rodney, New Zealand provide their craft skills  and time to create these and many other items to keep orphans, and other people in need, warm during the freezing (sometimes below -30 degree celcius) winter nights and possible even days.

Find out about the monthly meeting for the Rodney Operation Coverup (OCU) group, where  people who knit and crochet blankets, hats, scarfs, etc. , meet for a chat, a cuppa and the opportunity to pick up more donated wool for their creations.

Pattern for basic knitted Blanket

How to knit a basic Blanket

Blanket with long yellow and blue PanelsWhat do you need:

4 mm Knitting Needles

Double knit Yarn (you can use the donated wool)

Basic Patten:

7 strips 20cm wide 160cm long

  • Cast on 40 stitches
  • Knit in garter stitch (all rows either knit or pearl)
  • Use different colors in blocks or stripes
  • Set off black or whites with colors
  • Leave about two inches (6cm) ends of each color so it can be sown in to the knitting
  • Sow in ends along the row

Joining the 7 strips

Crochet strips together

Space stitches into every second row.

Crochet around the edges a stitch into every third row.

Crocheting the strips together gives the blankets more flexibility and strength than sowing would.

This is the pattern suggested for the blankets donated to Operation Cover Up

For other (free)patterns click here.


Knitted Dolls and Blankets May 2015

Knitted dolls May 15Dolls and Blankets May 2015

Another monthly meeting brought together the volunteers who donated their time and skills (and wool in some cases) to the worthy cause of keeping orphans and other people in need  warm in Eastern Europe.
The volunteers also have the options to use donated wool which can be picked up at these monthly events.

Find out ways to contribute to this worthy cause by clicking here.

The Rodney group of Operation Cover Up has been co-ordinated by the remarkable Anne Bishop who celebrated her 80th Birthday this year. (see photo below)

Blankets on Show in December 2014

December Blankets 2014

Knitted Blanket with Lots of Squares with pattensMany knitters joined the monthly meeting for the Rodney Operation Coverup (OCU) in December.

We had a shared lunch and got to sample lots of delicious food.

Blankets on Show November 2014

Donated Wool – Donated Time – Colorful Creation = Donated Blankets = warm Orphans

Blanket with blues and purple and redThe Rodney Operation Cover Up(OCU) group of knitters came together for a morning on the first Monday in November.

We enjoyed a cup of tea and biscuits and had the opportunity to pick up donated wool for knitting items to be sent from New Zealand to Eastern Europe for orphans and other people in need.

Usually there is also marmalade and pickles made by Anne Bishop for sale (all proceeds are donated for sending the blankets overseas).

It is always exciting to see the blankets and other things made by the busy people of the Rodney OCU group. (See photos below) 

The next meeting is on the 1st of December 2014 at Anne Bishop’s place.

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Blankets on Show October 2014

Pile of Blankets Oct 14Donated Wool – Donated Time – Colorful Creation = Donated Blankets = warm Orphans

In October at the monthly meeting for the Rodney Operation Cover Up(OCU) knitters we had the pleasure to see lots of Blankets. Some of these are in the photos below.

The get-together is an opportunity for people to:

  • get more donated wool to create more items for orphans
  • have a chat
  • find out the latest OCU news
  • have a cuppa and a biscuit
  • knit or crochet

The next meeting is on the 3rd of November 2014 at Anne Bishop’s place.

Find out how you can contribute to this worthy course.

Blankets on Show in September 2014

Some of the blankets September 2014 shown at the monthly knitting meeting at Anne Bishop’s place for Operation Cover up (OCU):