Operation Cover Up (OCU)

Knitted blanket lots of little diamondsLiz Clarke, from Taupo, found out that the child she sponsored had no blankets in the up to minus 30 degrees celcius conditions in the orphanage in Eastern Europe. So she started an appeal for people to knit blankets hoping for 67, and was pleasantly surprised when in the first year people donated 240 blankets.

Operation Cover Up is the name she gave this new project, which, since the start of it in 2000, with the help of Stella Halsted, has blossomed into a nationwide way for people to contribute their time and/or wool to this worthy cause.

All over New Zealand people have been knitting blankets and other items to keep these European Orphans warm and now there are co-ordinators for the different areas all over the country.

Anne Bishop is (since 2004) one of these now hundred co-ordinators for the Rodney (north of Auckland) OCU and she has turned her home into collection place for wool and knitted and crochet items, as well as holding monthly knitting meetings.

It costs $4 per blanket to be sent in a big container, which happens in September, equipping these children and other people in need with warm wollen items for winter.
Therefore donations are needed to cover costs. Find out how you can contribute here.

Operation Cover Up is part of the charity Mission without Borders

Read more about this wonderful project helping orphans to ‘cover up’ in winter.


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