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Blankets in August 2015

People who knit for the Operation Cover Up met again On the first Monday of August at Anne’s house. These meetings are an opportunity to:

  • Meet people
  • Drop off finished blankets etc.
  • Pick up donated wool to knit or crochet more
  • See the latest blankets
  • Have a cuppa and a biscuit

This time a reporter for the Rodney Times came for an interview.

Below is a picture of the article in the paper.

August is the month when all the blankets and other items to keep orphans and other people warm in Eastern Europe will be sent.

Since August 2014 3322 items, which were made by the Rodney Operation Cover Up group, are going to be shipped via a container. Last year the number was 2221 items.

It costs $4 for a blanket to be sent to Europe.

Find out how you can contribute to this worthy cause.


Rodney Knitters in the Newspaper


Rodney Knitters in the Newspaper

Knitted Jumper

A reporter, Chris Thompson, came to the monthly Operation Cover Up(OCU) knitting group in Orewa.

Anne Bishop, the co-ordinator of the Rodney knitters, told him all about the way people contribute to orphans in Eastern Europe staying warm.
As a result of this interview an article appeared in the North Harbour Times. (see image below).


 Knitting wool be going far

Orphans in Europe received 2221 knitted Items from Rodney in New Zealand

Knitted blanket lots of little diamonds2221 knitted (and crochet) Items created by women and men in Rodney (north of Auckland), New Zealand were sent to Europe for Orphans in 2014.

Over the last 10 years the busy knitters in Rodney have contributed to keeping Orphans in Europe warm supporting the worthy cause called Operation Cover Up (OCU) which was started by Liz Clarke in Taupo. Mission without Borders is the charity in charge of OCU.

This year over 200 blankets like the one in the photos have been created by people north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Some knitters have completed a whole blanket. Others have just knitted one or two strips. It takes around 4 1/2 hours to join the 7 strips, each a 160 cm longKnitted blanket red mix


The over two thousand pieces helping children in areas of Europe when winter temperatures drop to minus 30 Celcius also contained:

  • Hats
  • Scarfs
  • Jumpers
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • etc.

At the helm of the Rodney group of knitters is the co-ordinator Anne Bishop (in the picture) who has monthly knitting meetings. At those meetings people can also pick up wool (which has been donated) from the many boxes in Anne’s garage. This wool then is made into items for Operation Cover Up (OCU) to be sent in the next shipment to European Orphanages.
Some of these items also go to people in need, but the orphans are first in line.

We are hoping to spread the word so more people will contribute wool and/or their time towards this heart warming cause.

For more information about who receives the knitted goods and who checks that they get to those who need it read the Frequently Asked Questions about Operation Cover Up(OCU).