Pattern for basic knitted Blanket

How to knit a basic Blanket

Blanket with long yellow and blue PanelsWhat do you need:

4 mm Knitting Needles

Double knit Yarn (you can use the donated wool)

Basic Patten:

7 strips 20cm wide 160cm long

  • Cast on 40 stitches
  • Knit in garter stitch (all rows either knit or pearl)
  • Use different colors in blocks or stripes
  • Set off black or whites with colors
  • Leave about two inches (6cm) ends of each color so it can be sown in to the knitting
  • Sow in ends along the row

Joining the 7 strips

Crochet strips together

Space stitches into every second row.

Crochet around the edges a stitch into every third row.

Crocheting the strips together gives the blankets more flexibility and strength than sowing would.

This is the pattern suggested for the blankets donated to Operation Cover Up

For other (free)patterns click here.



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